Welcome to Knowledge Gate International School.


Knowledge Gate Intenational School is an international school offering eduction from Kindergarten to A Level. Our staff is made up of well-qualified international teachers coming from a wide range of countries across the globe. Our teachers are caring and nurturing in their efforts to provide the best education. At KGIS we believe in lifelong learning so teachers actively work towards maintaining up-to-date teaching methodologies together with a mix of modern technologies and traditional techniques in the classroom.


What’s happening at KGIS for next year?


We are thrilled to announce that we have a full complement of academic staff appointed for next year. We will be welcoming a new Head of Secondary, Mr. Paul Reilly to the staff who will be taking over from Ms. Margie as she moves into the position of Acting Principal for the next academic year 2017-18. Mr. Paul has a long track record of management in secondary schools and we are sure he is going to be a fantastic addition to the staff at KGIS.

We also welcome Ms. Amanda King who will be taking up the role of Head of KG. She too comes with extensive experience in the Early Years Programme and we feel confident she will add value to this department with her experience in the British system.

As most of you are aware, we were part of a pilot project, sponsored by Omantel, introducing 1-1 tablet devices in Grade 6-9 classes during the 2016-17 year.  We are eager to continue this partnership and extend it throughout the secondary school next year. 

Part of continuing this technological age is to transition from textbooks to digital books. Change takes time and we know not everyone welcomes change at the same rate. We will thus be introducing digital textbooks and gradually be phasing out regular textbooks.  To support this initiative, we are going to be using Pearson Active Learn materials which will allow not just the use of digital textbooks but will also give access to software enabling the means of tracking students’ progress.  The digital material will in addition give exercises and materials to students at their level as well as helping them improve in subjects where they may be struggling or give extension work for students who need to be challenged.  Students will also have access to materials at any time day or night, allowing students to collaborate on projects without actually being in the same room. Our hope is that we may be able to push this to collaborating with students in other countries!

We hope to filter all of these fantastic additions into the primary school over the course of the new academic year too.

We want to promote life-long learning and develop the competencies to embrace education in this 21st century, ensuring all our students have the talents necessary for what lies ahead of them after they graduate from KGIS.  To embrace this change we will be educating not only our students but also running workshops/meetings for parents, where we will be explaining the current trends in education, showing what the best practices are and how parents can support their child in this ever changing world we live in. It is important for our students to become independent learners, ready to adopt change and be ready for jobs that don’t even exist yet.