About KGIS

Where and Who We Are 


Knowledge Gate International School is situated in Al Hail South, which is a suburb of Muscat; the capital city of The Sultanate of Oman.  Muscat sits nestled between the majestic Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman (Indian Ocean). The school is located in what is a growing residential area.


KGIS provides an education to Omani students making up around 70% and students of 40 other nationalities representing all the world’s continents. The school is in its 4th year of operation and has roughly 500 students from 3 to 19. Our teachers also represent a range of nations including The Sultanate of Oman, Great Britain, Egypt, Ireland, Iraq, South Africa, Lebanon, Canada, Jordan, India, Venezuela, The Philippines and Mexico. This eclectic range of nationalities ensures that the identity of KGIS is truly international infusing, into the daily life at the school, positive influences from all over the world.


Kindergarten and Primary students learn using English /Arabic joint language instruction, combining an engaging programme of play and hands-on experiences that nurture within each student the skills to learn by enquiry. The curriculum for both is designed using the National Curriculum of England.


In Secondary, the National Curriculum of England is followed for Key Stage 3 (Grades 6 – 8) whilst Grades 9 & 10 students study according to the curriculums prescribed by the Edexcel Exam Board for IGCSE culminating in externally set exams at the end of grade 10. For our Grade 11 & 12 students, we provide the opportunity to either follow the Edexcel GCE syllabuses for AS followed by a graduation to A2 in grade 12; or the Omani Bilingual GED (General Education Diploma) which is formally examined at the end of Grade 12.


Our facilities include 5 science laboratories, swimming pool, canteen, Library/electronic information centre, ICT rooms, ‘zero’ & ‘thin’ client workstations in all classrooms and interactive white boards in all classrooms.


KGIS is committed and dedicated to providing an excellent teaching and learning environment where students learn and understand what it means to be responsible, productive, and ethical citizens. The school strives to create an educational climate where students acquire the essential and necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to reason critically, communicate effectively, learn continuously and think creatively when solving problems and making decisions.


Our Philosophy 


Individual Development

Every human being is entitled to the expectation that a civilised society will nurture their development to the extent that their talent is fully realised. It is the mission of this school to commit itself to the holistic development of the young person – spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and civic. Such people will realise their full potential, become invaluable members of society and will contribute enormously to their community and country.


Co- operation

The implication of the above is that schools must become co-operatives, where teachers, students, parents and all staff come together in a common cause which is the education of the young. The concept of the co-operative school will impact on the management systems which will prevail. The school must become a centre of community where the voices of all are heard management, teachers, parents, students and staff.


Student Centred Learning

In the classroom teaching must be student-centred. This implies that differentiated teaching strategies are employed which will meet the individual needs of all.



The core activity of school is the interaction which takes place between teacher and student. This interaction must always be respectful, positive and challenging. Such respect becomes a pervasive force in a good school and should be the defining characteristic of all the relationships between teachers, students, parents and the wider community. In the KGIS philosophy of education there is no place for raised voices, sarcasm or aggression.


Realising Potential

It is our task to create a school in which we harness and celebrate the potential of our young people, discipline and forgive them when they err and finally walk with them on their journey to self-realisation. To be involved in such work is an enormous privilege and we as teachers and parents engage in this work in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect. We share the same goals and together we will achieve them.