Welcome to the Knowledge Gate International School Kindergarten!


We hope that you enjoy learning about the great early-childhood programme here at KGIS. You will see that the programme is designed to meet the needs of all our young students and our families. We have two KG1 and two KG2 classes taught caring and highly qualified staff who plan activities around a  developmentally appropriate curriculum and a variety of programmes. The activities are designed to enhance learning and to provide a solid foundation for your child's future learning. All our teachers and assisstiants work to ensure that all our students learn and play within a safe and happy environment where they are able to develop into thinking and enquiring young people. We aim to nuture enjoyent of learning.


We are covering interesting topics during the course of the academic year that give your child plenty of opportunities to develop in all six of the Learning Areas. Creative Activities prove to be a favorite part of the day where the children have the chance to experiment with different types of art media. The results are often on display in the corridor outside the KG classes. Outdoor play also proves a very popular part of our daily routine.


We invite you to become involved in your child's learning so do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.


Kindergarten Curriculum


Students in KG1 develop their receptive English, vocabulary and language skills; they are encouraged to take turns listening attentively and contributing positively to group discussions. Play, both teacher directed and self-selected, continues to be the major component of the day during whole and small group activities. Math skills are extended in KG1. Patterning, colour, shape and number recognition as well as counting larger groups are some of the concepts covered. Fine motor skills such as colouring, cutting and tracing with control are developed. The children are normally able to develop ball and motor skills while the edition of our Jungle gym gives them plenty of opportunity to develop these very important aptitudes. Sand and water play provide the children with opportunities to develop sensory skills. Every week the students have the opportunity to develop some of the Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing and Math skills by using their iPads.  


KG 2:

Students in KG2 refine their language skills and are expected to be capable and attentive listeners who can express themselves verbally in complete sentences. Children participate in small-group learning centers which focus on reinforcing introduced concepts in language, mathematics, science and social studies. The key elements of KG2 are emergent reading and writing skills which include concepts of print, phonological awareness, sight word recognition and decoding. Previous concepts of math are revisited, while new concepts, such as graphing, measurement, time, addition and subtraction are introduced in preparation for first grade.