Library Policies

Library Policies





KGIS is an international school in Muscat, Oman:


The school wishes to cater for the academic, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, interpersonal and physical needs of the student.  The characteristics of the school are the pursuit of tolerance, compassion and a sense of justice and equality for all.

We aim to develop in each student, confidence, self-respect and respect for others.

The school and its staff value its partnership with parents in meeting the personal and educational requirements of students and staff alike.





Library Mission Statemen:


The mission of Knowledge Gate International School (KGIS) Library is to improve and enrich the lives of our students through information, education and reading. The library seeks to encourage reading and the use of current technology for life-long learning.





School Library Philosophy:

The Library at KGIS supports the concept that all young people are capable of real success in school, and that they can have a positive experience of education.  The School Library facilitates access to and use of information and ideas to support the educational objectives of the school.  The Library is accessible to all of the school community.




Aims & Objectives of the School Librar:


The purpose of the school library is to support teaching and learning within the entire program of the school by guiding students through the following:

  • To encourage reading and improve literacy.

  • To initiate and promote a variety of reading strategies appropriate to under-confident readers.

  • To provide reading materials that are relevant and appealing and aid reading progress.

  • To develop students literacy, research and literature appreciation skills.

  • To provide the teaching staff with a variety of teacher resources to support their classroom programmes.

  • To manage the resources of the library effectively and to actively promote their use.

  • To develop students information handling and information seeking skills.

  • To support and encourage a cross curricular approach to literacy development.

  • To promote student ownership of the library and to encourage them to express their opinions and views on the library and its services.

  • To provide students with opportunities to develop information skills and to use these skills with confidence for life-long learning.

KGIS Library will continue to develop access to reading and computerised programs as a supplement to regular reading habits.






Secondary Students are welcomed to the library during their free or study lessons.

All primary classes have one reading session per week in the library.

However, the resources of the library are available to all students and staff of the school.

Subject teachers are enabled to recommend further reading and/or research in areas directly and indirectly related to the curriculum. 




Users must:


  • Check out or obtain proper authorization before removing Library materials, equipment, or property from Library facilities.

  • Refrain from deliberately misplacing Library materials to prevent or limit access by others.

  • Return Library materials on or before the due date or upon request by the Library.

  • Handle Library materials gently, such that they are not mutilated, defaced, or damaged.





  • All primary classes must be accompanied by their teacher during library periods. Each class is required to tidy the library after use, ready for the next class.

  • Readers are responsible for material or equipment issued to them until they have returned it in accordance with library procedures, and must at all times protect material or equipment issued to them and must not damage it or expose it to hazardous conditions.

  • Readers must not write in, mark, or otherwise deface or damage library material or equipment in any way.

  • Readers may use portable computers or other electrical equipment of their own only in accordance with the instructions of library staff.

  • Readers must not use computer or other equipment in a way which requires them to speak into the device.





All primary years are inducted during the first week of the first term by their class teacher.  This includes distribution of individual library letter, explanation by teacher of rules and procedures for borrowing, and orientation for students around all sections of the library. 










Considering Others:

•    We maintain a quiet and friendly environment and treat all our students with courtesy and respect.  We ask you to do the same for fellow users and Library staff.
•    Mobile phones, cameras etc. should not be used in the library.
•    You must make sure any equipment you bring in is safe and is used safely, including positioning any leads safely.




Food And Drink:
NO food or other drinks are acceptable in the library (with the exception of water in a container with a lid).

Computer Use:
•    You must be a registered user in order to have an access to library computers
•    Use of Library computers and resources for academic purposes only.

Stock Selection Policy:
•    The needs and interests of the students shall be foremost in influencing stock selection.  
•    The needs and interest of the whole school community is also considered in stock selection.
•    Suggestions for new stock and items from staff and students is welcomed.
•    Input, editing and deletion of new resources are undertaken by the librarian.





Literacy Promotion:

The library will promote a wide range of literacy strategies, including:
•    Read along
•    Shared Reading
•    Paired Reading
•    Silent Reading
•    Fact finding
•    Research
•    Capitalising on student interest and hobbies
•    Author visits and visiting speakers (e.g. for CSPE)
•    Display of motivational reading materials
•    Book of the Week recommendations
•    Display of students reviews
•    Book clubs
•    Recommended reading lists.







An approved annual library budget will be required to supply all areas of the library including furniture, display materials, library resources.
Initial division of funds will be fairly spread across all subject areas of the library and based on teacher requests.  
Further spending priority will be given to teenage fiction resources.  This will be based on borrowing statistics of all library resources and surveys of library users.