Policy on the Administration of Medicines

Policy on the administration of medicines:


KGIS is an international school in Muscat, Oman.




The school wishes to cater for the academic, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, interpersonal and physical needs of the student.  The characteristics of the school are the pursuit of tolerance, compassion and a sense of justice and equality for all.

We aim to develop in each student, confidence, self-respect and respect for others.

The school and its staff value its partnership with parents in meeting the personal and educational requirements of students and staff alike.




Administration of medicines:




Apart from the school nurse no person may provide any medicinal compound of any description to any member of staff or student of the school.

Parents who wish to have emergency medications held on the premises must place them in the care of the school nurse with the name of the student for whom they are intended clearly marked on the medication together with clear written instructions regarding their use.




Persons in possession of their own medication may, at their own risk, take such medication as prescribed at the appropriate times.