Student Services


At KGIS part of the fees structure includes the cafeteria meals for KGIS students. During first and second break at KGIS, meals are served in our light and airy cafeteria.


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Careers Officer

As students enter the senior secondary years, it is the time when they begin the last phase of their secondary schooling and prepare for life after KGIS. KGIS has a careers guidance officer to assist students throughout the year.


The careers officer will advise on further tertiary education and other opportunities available to our students. Students can seek advice about subject choices when making these decisions in Grade 9 and again in Grade 11 and 12.


KGIS students are encouraged to make the most of their individual strengths and abilities. The KGIS careers officer will provide support to our students and assist with completion of university application forms, references and personal statements to support university entry requirements.


School Clinic

The safety, health and wellbeing of KGIS students is very important. We have a fully trained nurse working from our school clinic.


KGIS has procedures in place in case any our students feel unwell or suffer injury whilst at school. KGIS asks that parents inform them of any change to the health or wellbeing of their child. This may include illness, injury, chronic medical conditions and medications.

KGIS staff would like to be informed of anything such as illness or death of a family member as these and many other things can impact on how your child may manage at school.